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I miss riding a bike but since I dont have a job it seems like getting a board and learning how to ride would seem more realistic…


My mom decided to take me out to eat tonight. I have been complaining about wanting crab legs for awhile so she thought this would be special. I have a legit ass mom!

I forgot I had a blog on wordpress. I think i’m actually going to use this as my escape from Tumblr and Facebook. I need a way to vent but it seems can’t say what I want on those other websites without making some of my “friends” upset.


 I LOVE CASSIDY WOODSON SO MUCH OHMYGODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. she is the most amazing specimen ever. the end. too bad i can’t be with her forever and ever cause she’s leaving me next year. wahhhhhhhhhh. I’M DEPRESSED NOW FML! I CAN ONLY DREAM OF BEING JUST LIKE HER.

So today is my first day of blogging… Let see how this plays out!